ANIMAL Meal is Now Available!

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ANIMAL Meal is the result of a year-long collaboration between ANIMAL and myself. My intention in formulating ANIMAL Meal was to produce a viable replacement for a meal; the next best thing to whole food. While whole food is often ideal, many of us will inevitably find ourselves at risk of missing meals; falling short on needed nutrition is not an option for the serious athlete. ANIMAL put it all together and the result is a premium, delicious, all-natural, easy to digest meal replacement with BALANCED macronutrients. A serving of ANIMAL Meal provides:

46g of protein coming from beef, whole egg and pea

48 grams of carbohydrates  from sweet potato, pea starch, oats and dextrose

14 grams of fat from egg yolk and olive oil

ANIMAL Meal was formulated without the addition of fillers, fibers, thickeners, artificial sweeteners/colors/flavors and it is dairy and lactose free.

Right now, a 19 serving jug of ANIMAL Meal is available for $41 HERE At $2.16 per serving with those macros, ANIMAL Meal is an exceptional value!

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