Evan’s World; The Offseason: Roasted Chicken with Garlic Rapini and Rosemary Boiled Potatoes

Chicken: the go-to utility protein of the bodybuilding and fitness world. It’s economical, readily available, lean, easily digested and somehow still pretty decent tasting even when simply prepared. Boneless, grilled breasts are everywhere and the people consuming them are desperately running out of ways to make them more palatable! Part of it is a flavor thing and part is a texture thing. Roasting a whole chicken can solve both of those problems. Whole roasted chicken done properly is incredibly moist, flavorful and you have options beyond the breast meat that consumers often forget about. In this video, I prepare a roasted whole chicken that I pair with some garlic sauteed rapini and rosemary boiled potatoes. It’s a delicous, nicely rounded meal and I hope you guys give it a try!

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